Are you interested in a fulfilling life – trying new things? Do you wonder what it was like to live in a different era, and how the current day differs from those earlier times?

If the answer is yes, then this blog is for you. At Cornerstone Lifestyles, I look at history as I’ve observed it and write about my thoughts on how it has impacted where we are today. 

I’ve also been fortunate to have tried many different things, from travel to food to job experiences. I share some of those here, along with my take on why others might like to try those things.

I currently post two times per week. Monday’s posts deal with lifestyle issues – how to address life’s challenges or how history has impacted today’s events.

Thursday’s articles focus on tips for new adventures, whether it’s blogging, other types of writing, photography or something else. I also use Thursday posts to share a little bit about my personal likes – from literature to movies to apps – focusing on giving the reader options to explote.

About Me

about Mike Worley

How can I address these topics? Simply because I’ve lived them. From my teen years in the 1960s to retirement in the 21st century, I use my personal experiences and observations as the foundation for my articles.

I’ve always been in positions to observe the world around me, and I have a curiosity about what makes us who we are. This blog originally contained a few random thoughts focused on things in my life. But then I realized that I was really writing about things that shape us all – our history, our culture, current events, our work and play. My experiences were merely examples. So I moved to writing about those things and my take on their impact. 

I also have had the opportunity to share my experiences and thoughts with others as an instructor at the University of Louisville.

I am now retired but stay active. A few years ago, I took up photography and found a real passion there. Before the COVID pandemic, I was usually shooting photos three days per week. That has decreased for the time being, but I maintain a separate website for my photographs. Additionally, I’m a volleyball official, active in NCAA Division I athletics. 

Thank you for joining my blog. I welcome your comments on any article. You can also join the discussion on my Facebook Group.

Feel free to comment about any post you see. I welcome your feedback.

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